How to Screen Capture videos in KM Player-Take screen Shot images key

KM Player which shortly called KMP is a powerful media player with lots of options.Comparing with other popular media player for windows like VLC Player,GOM player ,Real Player,Windows Media Player.,KMP is predominant with its built in features.Here is How to Screen Capture videos in KM Player ,Take screen Shot images using hot keys.Capturing the images on screen while you play any DVD or other format videos is very easy with KM Player.

To Screen capture the images in KM Player just use the following Key Combination.Press ” CNTRL + A ” to¬†Screen Capture photos of any videos in KM Player.Take screen Shot images just by this step.Alternatively you could go to options by clicking right button on Mouse and select Capture Options.Here you could view more advanced settings to capture screen shots in KM Player.

Note that sometimes Captured images will be scaled down.This could be made perfect by rescaling the captured in Photoshop or even Microsoft Paint application.

KMP is free software you could download and install with Windows computer. KM Player comes with attractive functions like ” Press Right Arrow Button to Fast Forward Video” . ” Press Up and Down arrow Keys” to increase and decrease volume..etc.


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