How to Re-Activate your Deactivated Mobile numbers

Every body knows that your mobile number is subjected to Deactivation if kept not using for 3 months.According to Latest Rule by TRAI a mobile number can not be De activated until it reaches 90 days of inactivity. A mobile number or simply a SIM card not i use means no communication activities. This includes no outgoing calls , Data usage, sending message..etc .As per the guidelines, if a prepaid consumer’s account has a balance of Rs 20 or more, then that connection will not be deactivated.This was very useful for who like to retain their numbers life long.Prepaid customers will be able to go in for an ‘Automatic Number Retention Scheme’ by paying the necessary amounts via balance.

What will do if you forget to follow these condition. Sure you SIM card will get De activated after 90 days.Since you are not using this number , the warning messages send by service providers are not going to work.However after De activation you had a chance to Reactivate your mobile number.

Re-Activate your Deactivated Mobile number

According to TRAI the service providers must give you a grace period of 15 days after De activation of inactive SIM card.During the grace period you are not able to receive any incoming calls or make outgoing calls.You should immediately contact customer service or nearest service center to retain your number.

Vodafone also provides Re activation of your Deactivated mobile number,not active for more than 3 months By paying online.This facility is available at Quick Bill pay center .If you want to read more about Vodafone Quick Bill Pay Go here


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