How to pay KSEB additional Bill or security deposit through online payment

How to pay KSEB additional Bill or security deposit through online payment system.
This tutorial is for KSEB customer of Kerala. KSEB stands for Kerala State Electricity Board. To pay your electricity bill online KSEB provided their own website and a simple interface with various payment options. But you can’t pay anything other than your my monthly electricity bill through this online payment system in simple steps. Sometimes you may need to pay additional security deposit based on your monthly consumption. Here we will discuss how to pay KSEB extra security deposit or any electricity fine like disconnection or re connection fee through KSEB online payment system. Hence you need not to visit your Electricity office to pay additional bill Or deposit, just use their online payment system. Please follow the steps

Steps to pay KSEB additional security deposit or any fine through online payment system.

KSEB online payment system has to Interface. The first one is a simple quick pay system and next one a registered account. The quick pay system allows anyone with an electricity bill number and consumer number to pay the amount. You could give an email id or mobile number to get the payment invoice details. Also this not necessary to use the same mail ID or mobile number for next time.

But KSEB quick pay has limited options.

KSEB quick pay service

1. you can only pay bi monthly electricity bill
2. you need not register an account
3. use any email ID or mobile number

Benefits of Register a new account at KSEB online payment website

Just like BSNL selfcare portal, KSEB also provided self services through their website To access self service you need to register as a new user with an email id and password. Submit following details to register a new user at KSEB self service online website.
1. consumer details – you need to select your electrical section, consumer number and bill number.
Please note that this number is required to authenticate the consumer.
2. Set a user ID ( may be your name or name + number combination) and password
3. User details – your name, email id, phone number extra. Not that you need not to submit full address here.
4. Enter the verification code as shown in the website and click register.
5. Now sign in using your user id and password

How to pay KSEB additional Bill or security deposit through online payment system.

Register as a user at  as explained above.When you sign in , just view the outstanding bill for your consumer number. You could directly pay the bill using online payment methods like net banking, credit / debit card payment ..etc. Dont worry , your bank account details will not be shared with KSEB.

KSEB web self services provides following facilities to a registered consumer.

Bills and services Рview bill (outstanding bill) , pay the bill, check previous meter reading, monthly consumption for the last 6 months or one year etc.

Pay Additional Bills (if any)

Pay KSEB additional security deposit (if any)

Pay electricity fine – Fine for Bill due or late payments or disconnection charge (if any)

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