How to install WhatsApp on Tablet – Download,Set Up & Update

WhatsApp is the young and popular social platform that enables instant messaging without additional costs.WhatsApp available for Android mobile phones, Nokia Windows mobile ,Once you install WhatsApp on your device,Nokia S40,Nokia Symbian phones,Blackberry and iPhone. Unfortunately you cant install WhatsApp on your Android Tablets directly.

When try to install WhatsApp on Android Tablets you may get an error message like Tablets are not supported currently.But you could install WhatsApp on any tablets with simple tricks and supports any tablets with Wi-Fi or Built in SIM card slot for data access. After installing WhatsApp it automatically builds up a separate contact list (by filtering out the contact numbers from your tablet), which are registered users of WhatsApp.

How to install WhatsApp on Tablet

Did your Tablet has a SIM card slot.Then you could access internet via GPRS or 3G network according to your Device specification.

How to install WhatsApp on Tablet without SIM card:

(a) Download the .apk file of “Go Contacts” app by clicking here.

(b) Download the .apk file of “WhatsApp” by clicking here.

After installing you have to do the following.A valid mobile number has to be selected to use with WhatsApp.Now you need to confirm this number as yours by receiving confirmation message or voice call from WhatsApp server.Enter the confirmation code and start a new life style with WhatsApp in your Tablet.

Here is the video tutorial on How to install WhatsApp on Tablet.


Note: We can not assure successful installation of  WhatsApp on your Tablet.But  this methos works on nearly all devices.


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