How to Get Free WiFi password without Hacking – WiFi Free

Search for free wifi in your city or local area ends here.How to get free wifi internet by knowing password for security protected wifi hotspots without Hack.Google playstore will help you with some best apps at Playstore Get Free wi-fi Password on mobile without Hacking.The logic behind the free wifi passwords is simple.Passwords are shared by real peoples whom used or know these passwords already. All of these wifi hotspots are password protected and encrypted using security.Passwords may updated regularly and the app community also updates these information. So the chances of wifi connection error was minimum.

Best Free WiFi password apps for Android smarrtphone

  1. WiFi Free
  2. Swift WiFi Free shared wifi passwords
  3. WiFi Master Key

WiFi Free offers free wifi access on your smartphone which works on the basis of your geographic location.The app actually doesn’t hacks any password but from a shared information is utilized.Wifi Free  android app will tell you nearby wifi hostspot password.The wifi password was shared by real users around the world.The wifi availability was automatically detected and connected to internet by Free wifi.The app Wifi Free is around 8 MB you could download from Google Playstore at free of cost.You Location information is used to find nearest wi fi hotspots around 5 km circle. Also you could share known wi fi password to other members in this app Free has more than 10 million wi-fi password globally.globally. App coverage includes India,USA, Canada, America, Europe, UAE, Dubai, Oman , Singapore, …etc

WiFi Master Key – Wifi master Key is another way to search , find and  connect a WiFi password around you.The wi fi passwords are shared by users worldwide and updated frequently.WiFi Master Key works is not a wifi hacking tool since hacking of protected wifi is unethical.unethical Master Key uses the password information shared by real users around the globe.Hence you could access available wifi internet at free of cost without the hassle of hacking.WiFi Master Key was around 6MB and available at Google Play store.

Swift WiFi is another popular android app that helps you to find protected wifi passwords.These wifi passwords are shared buy users globally.Also covers 40 countries around the world.Swift free wifi supports 36 languages.This free shared WiFi app weighs around 12MB and available as free download.

Try above apps to access Free WiFi on your smartphone. Note that Open wifi hotspots or wifi without a password are available in some area.But these apps includes password information for already protected and encrypted wi-fi access points.So you could also check weather your personal or business wifi facility was open to public.


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