How to Find Train Delay and Expected Time of Arrival – Train Enquiry

Actually you don’t require a smartphone to find delay in Train time and expected time of arrival at railway stations.Long before we were used touch screen panels at railway stations to find train delay and train arrival time.This same service could be used from your mobile phones if you have an internet or simply data / gprs connection.It will be very useful if we could know train delay and time of arrival from our home itself.Save your valuable time and avoid waiting at railway stations.Even it may helpful to catch some train which may running late or not in prescribed time.

Here we will explain How to know delay in Train time and correct time of arrival from your mobile phone.Note that you don’t need a high end smartphone like windows phone ,iOS and Android Jelly Bean .These services uses National train inquiry system of India Railway.No need of downloading applications in to your phone to track running trains and spot delay time.

How to Find Train Delay and Expected Time of Arrival

  • Go to  from your internet browser (in most of of the devices opera mini or UC web browser may not show this service properly)
  • The web page of National Train Enquiry System will be launched and you could enter your train name or train number.
  • Alternately if you don’t know the train number just enter station name to know trains coming to and leaving from.

Services offered by National Train Enquiry System

  1. Train Number by entering train name or station Name
  2. Live station status – Train Coming in and Leaving to a particular station
  3. Find Delay in Train time ,Departure (ETD) and Expected time of Arrival (ETA)
  4. Spot your train – Detect current location of your train
  5.  Train Cancelled info
  6. Train Diverted route info
  7. Special train and rescheduled train detailed info.

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Note : Don’t calculate trains arrival time on your station by current delay time because train may increase speed to reduce time delay.(Eg : If a train shows 60 minute delay now may show just 40 minutes delay say after 2 hour ). Also it may take 5 or 10 minutes for latest information be updated on their server.Sometimes it may take more time to load pages depending upon load on servers.

Indian Railway info services are works best on your PC or Laptop with Google Chrome ,Mozilla Firefox or Opera internet Browsers.Nobody is authorized to use National Train inquiry services for any commercial purposes.All these data for general information purposes only.


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