How to detect Fake Facebook Accounts-Find Fake Profile

It is very important to detect Fake Facebook accounts or user profiles since the chance of misbehavior and stealing your personal data.Facebook is much popular among peoples from various fields all over the world.Very few people know how to detect fake Facebook profiles and and avoid friend requests.Note that Facebook does not have any authorized application to detect fake profiles.But by applying some tricks and following tips will let you understand fake Facebook profiles.

Before Proceeding we would like to share some basic rules that you could follow on Facebook for a better experience

  • Be careful on what you put on Facebook.Be under a limit(Facebook is not the right place to express your emotions like sorrow ,angry…etc)
  • Be careful while sharing images and links from others even from your friends.
  • Do not upload your Passport size photo as profile picture or albums since it may be utilized for making pseudo identity.
  • If you are a female teenager ,do not upload high quality photos.Chance to misuse are high.

 Here the steps How to Detect Fake Facebook accounts

We are staring with Facebook official guidelines to Identify Fake profile accounts .

1 . Get a closer look on Profile – Pictures,Status Updates,Likes and Comments

Most fake accounts could be identified with this step.Usually profile pictures of such accounts comes with 3 options ,Most probably a cute face (male or female ) ,Non human photos like attractive flowers,kittens,cartoon characters ..etc .The third type is probably dangerous and most widely misused in India.Yes be careful about genuine looking profile photos that may be stolen from other peoples accounts or may be downloaded from other web sites.

Use the following tools to detect or identify Profile picture genuine or not

  • Download the profile picture or save as by right clicking on the image.
  • Upload the photo to to find similar images.
  • Google search by images is a simple tool to view whether that image present anywhere in the internet

2 . Check out His / Her friend list and  Mutual friends

Fake profile may have hundreds or thousands of followers  and friends due to its attractiveness.This may applicable to Fake girls profiles.What will do for profiles with less friends – Here we go with their location and profession.Check each friends location ,education ..etc If they are not sharing any common identity chances of fake profile are high.Note that to improve credibility sometimes fake profile owners will create many fake Facebook accounts and link to one by adding as friends.

3 . Search on Timeline – Comments from others ,Likes and Reply’s

Have a look at their wall posts ,whether it contains ” how do you know methanks for adding me ..etc .Note that fake profiles usually hates conversations on their walls.

  • Check out their Recent activity.
  • His / Her Liked Pages
  • Locations info – Check in

4 . Personal Information – Date of Birth,Gender  and Work

Fake accounts may have unusual date of birth like 1/1/1995  or 12/12/1989 .Also 85 % of fake ID has Female gender  so be care full if you are getting a friend request from unknown girl with a cute profile picture and some strange personal information.If Work and current position has been indicated on profile check whether he / she has friends and recent activity on peoples from this same work category.

5 . Ask your friends if they are getting same Unknown Friend requests

You should contact your close friends and ask whether they are getting such friend request from strangers.Copy the profile link  from the top of browser and paste on your friend’s chat box to ask about.

Don’t forget to Report Fake Facebook profiles in time.

Female Facebook ID ‘s with cute babies or flowers as profile picture does not means its a fake account.Girls usually will not upload their own photo as profile picture instead they will use such photos as told above or images of film actress .etc.Also they will not provide much more personal information ,mobile number or any contact numbers due to the chances of misuses. Don’t conclude and report such profiles as fake accounts.


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