How to configure GPRS settings for Android Tablets

How to configure internet settings for your Android Tablets.Different mobile Operators uses unique GPRS settings for accessing internet from SIM card.Configuring GPRS settings for a Tablet like Ubislate or BSNL pentaTab is very simple and similar to the manual configuration of any Mobilephone.

To configure GPRS settings manualy you need the following


  • Access Point Name (APN)
  • Proxy Address if needed
  • Port Number if needed

Advanced configuration Requires the following data also

  • Protocol like HTTP,WAP or Other
  • Authentication type like Normal or secure
  • Static IP
  • Static DNS for server 1 and server 2
  • Linger Time
  • Traffic class

By knowing Access Point Name (APN) and Proxy Address you could configure any Mobile network operator’s GPRS settings.Simply Go to settings menu – select Packet Data/ internet settings and create a  New configuration / setting by giving any name.Thing you should remember is enter Access Point Name as such as ie Never change to uppercase letters.Most of the Mobile operators doesn’t uses Proxy address for internet Data plans,Hence you could Uncheck use proxy option.

 Eg: GPRS settings for Airtel subscribers:

Access Point Name (APN)  ;

Use Proxy : No

How to know your Access Pont Name (APN)

Call customer care and simply ask the Access Pont Name (APN) of your service provider.It is important that every mobile operators will provide minimum three configurations for GPRS ,they are settings for WAP, settings for MMS and settings for internet (WWW).These three settings have different Access pont Names.In which you need only settings for WWW  ie to access internet using Operamini, UCweb or to Use your device as a Modem. You could also find the APN of all Indian Mobile Operators from here.


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