How to check Reliance Netconnect+ Prepaid balance

Reliance Netconnect prepaid users could know their prepaid balance in simple steps.To check Reliance Netconnect prepaid balance you could use any of the following methods.All the steps find internet balance has been tested by users and verified.

 Check Reliance Netconnect+ Prepaid balance

Method 1 :

To find the Reliance Netconnect + Prepaid balance just SMS  BBAL Netconnect MDN to Toll Free number 53535  from your Reliance mobile number.Note that you don’t need to ad any code with this number even you are on roaming network.

Eg : If your Reliance Netconnect MDN is 12345 then type BBAL 12345 from your reliance mobile and send to 53535

Method 2 :

If you don’t have a Reliance Prepaid or Postpaid mobile connection send an SMS in the same format to  55454 . Also note that Premium sms charges are applicable.This method works from all network operators including prepaid and postpaid numbers.I hope your problem regarding How to check my reliance netconnect prepaid balance online.

Method 3 :

Go to and enter your 10 digit Reliance Net connect number /MDN .Your Reliance Netconnect prepaid balance will be displayed. If you find any difficulty regarding balance checking kindly reply on our comment section.We will come back with a solution.


  1. the information is very useful
    Reliance Prepaid GSM number i’ll check
    wont charge for SMS Prepaid netconnect balance check

    format BBAL 1234567890 to 53535

    thanks for above information sharing guys keep sharing


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