How to Lock Apps on Android without App | One Plus 3 3T 5

Lock Apps with PIN or Fingerprint in OnePlus 3/3T or One Plus 5 without any App.We know that OnePlus smartphones run on custom Android OS termed Oxygen OS.The premium mobile phone comes with a fingerprint sensor for quick lock and unlocks purpose.users feedback pushed OnePlus to implement updated app lock feature on lates Oxygen OS.

Now OnePlus allows users to lock individual apps without installing any apps.This lock individual apps feature available on latest OnePlus 3, 3T and OnePlus 5 smartphones running  Oxygen OS. The locked apps can then be unlocked either via the fingerprint option or the conventional Pattern/PIN code /password set to unlock the phone. Surely this news makes OnePlus 3 and similar users happy since they need not rely on 3rd party lock apps.These 3rd party app lock apps are not best and vulnerable to predators.We recommend using system predefined app lock on OnePlus3, 3T and OnePlus 5 for the most reliable smartphone experience.

how to lock apps on android Oxygen OS on OnePlus 

The steps to lock apps in Oxygen OS 3.5.4 or higher is straightforward.You need not download and install any apps. A single PIN code st to unlock apps can be used for unlocking screen also.Using different app lets you set up different PINs to unlock phone and apps.i think it will be a rare case and majority of Android smartphone users prefers to set a single PIN/Password for both the apps and phone unlocking.Below steps will guide you on how to lock apps on the OnePlus 3 .3T and OnePlus 5 smartphones.setup finger print lock option in oxygen os for individual apps

Steps to lock apps on Oxygen OS on OnePlus 3,3T or 5

  1. Tap on Settings > click Security & Fingerprint.
  2. Now choose App locker by scroll down. Find it under Privacy option.
  3. Enter and Confirm your PIN code.
  4. Just enable the toggle in front of the apps which you want to lock.add finger print lock option in oneplus 3

The app lock process is all set up and ready to use.Test it and you will find now all locked apps requires fingerprint unlock after you lock the screen/phone. The fingerprint sensor will let you record more than one fingerprint for unlocking apps.But remember you can’t set custom fingerprints for selected apps.The stored fingerprints applicable to all apps which under fingerprint unlock option. If you find any difficulty to set up or change fingerprint lock/unlock option on your OnePlus 3, 3T or OnePlus 5, just comment below.


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