How to Connect your DTH to Laptop and Record or View TV channels

Watch Live TV on your Laptop or PC without internet connection and additional expenses.Connect DTH in laptop by 2 methods.Use HDMI cable or USB TV tuner card.You don’t need to modify your hardware to connect your Home cable Network or DTH service to your Laptop instead use USB TV tuner cards. In-spite of TV channels you could also listen FM radio stations  from your city with a USB TV tuner card.Most of the USB TV tuner cards are USB 2.0 compatible and requires minimum conditions of RAM and built in TV recording function helps you to Record your favorite TV programs to your Laptop.

How to use USB TV tuner to connect DTH in Laptop

Most of the USB TV tuners comes with the following features.If you want a high quality viewing experience of TV channels we are not recommending this method.However this one is the quick and economic method to watch or record live TV channels in laptop.[how to connect dth in laptop]

  • Connect DTH , Cable TV ,DVD ,VCD Players with normal AV or RF code wire
  • Listen to FM radio with built in FM tuner and external antenna
  • Record Live TV and FM radio programmes
  • Schedule Recording
  • Remote control to change TV channels-Applicable for Cable TV and FM only.
  • Supports PAL, NTSC, SECAM signals
  • Audio L/R In, S-Video In
  • USB plug in Play – No external power source required

Steps to Watch TV channel and Listen Live FM on Laptop

  1. Install the software to your Laptop that bundled with USB TV tuner card
  2. Plug in USB TV tuner card into USB port
  3. connect your DTH or Cable TV output RF / AV wire to USB TV tuner’s Connection pin
  4. Switch on your DTH or simply scan with TV tuner software if you are connected from Cable TV
  5. Now your Laptop is ready to view TV channels just like your TV
  6. Similarly do signal scan for FM radio stations and save channels.
  7. You dont need to scan channels each and every time you connect USB tv tuner with your Laptop
  8. If you are connected from a DTH you cant change channels from your laptop instead change it from DTH set top Box with its own remote

[[Tips]] HD set top box or HD DTH has HDMI output port and a Laptop also has HDMI out put , then you can’t connect both to watch live channels. In simple words, the HDMI port in an LED monitor is different than that in a laptop.The difference is not in appearance but functionality. One supports input signals and other output only depending on their hardware.

Price of USB TV tuners with Remote control comes around Rs 1000 to 4500.

TV tuner cards (both internal / external) degrades the video quality as well as audio.So we are not recommending to invest your money on USB tv tuner cards.Buy an LED monitor with HDMI connectivity and pair it with an HD set top box.

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