Google Drive Pricing Plans : Latest Cloud storage Price List

Google updated their Online storage space plans the so called Google Drive to some attractive price.New Google Drive pricing structure reveals some attractive and affordable plans for 1 TB and 100 GB.If you are looking for Free Google Drive storage space just avail 15 GB.Pricing starts from $1.99 for 100 GB.

Google Drive Pricing Structure

  • 15 GB for FREE
  • 100 GB for $ 1.99 (120 Rupees)
  • 1 TB for $ 9.99 (600 Rupees)
  • 10 TB or more starting at $ 99.99 (6000 Rupees)

You could easily change your storage plan from dashboard at Google Drive.

How to Sign Up for Google Drive Cloud storage Plans

To sign up new user account with Google drive follow this link.

If you already subscribed this service then you will automatically move to this better plans without additional cost.


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