Get Facebook without Internet even on Low end Mobile phones – No GPRS

Nowadays people cant live without Facebook.How we could access facebook if we dont have an internet or gprs enabled mobile phone,Or how to receive facebook services such as friend requests,photo comments..etc on your phone without internet access.Fonetwish is an  interactive service based on USSD.That is Fonetwish will allow facebook users to access anywhere anytime.Reading this article will let you know more about Fonetwish facebook activation and deactivation using short codes and how to access facebook update status,chat messages,friend requests,birthdays notifications…etc

To activate and access Facebook on any mobile phone without GPRS or internet you need to Dial *325# and *fbk# for non qwerty mobile phones.You need an active data connection or GPRS enabled hand set.This feature works on China made mobile phones and low end mobile phone such as Nokia 100.

Is Fonetwish a Free Service Or How could i access Facebook for Free

Updating your Facebook status using Fonetwish is completely free, but using other features, such as posting on a wall, checking notifications, and adding friends are not free. Facebook by Fonetwish is a USSD based subscription service that charges Rs. 1/ day for unlimited usage.You could activate this service whenever you want and deactivate as you like.

How To De activate Facebook Service on phones by Fonetwish


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