Freedom 251 is scam or Genuine – Pricing Secret revealed

Freedom 251 is scam or Genuine.? This is the question from the people who tried to purchase online at freedom 251 website.Yesterday national medias as well as social sharing platforms discussed about India’s Rupees 251 smart phone.But those tried to purchase online had a tough time.From 6 AM peoples across India are trying to fill their shipment details and proceed a payment.But majority of them got nothing other than some error pages.The error experienced was similar to an overloaded website like flipkart during their flash sales.Why freedom 251 website was not responding and crashed.Why you cant proceed to payment page.Here the simple answers.freedom 251 pricing details

Freedom 251 mobile is scam or Genuine

Freedom 251 is the 3G smart phone branded by  Ringing Bells India.Their moto is to deliver technology to all with reasonable profit.How ringing bells could sell a 4 inch smart phone with 3G just 251 Rupees.Similar android smart phone costs around 2500 considering lowest price available to buy online. An interview with Ringing Bells president Ashok Chadha unveiled the secret behind 251 rupees smart phone of India.As make in India program the company will get 13.8 % duty protection that will be around Rupees 470.Since the company gets bulk order as pre booking and follow mass production another 530 Rupees saves on each set.The company has no plans to go for advertisements for Rupees 251 mobile phone. Hence further 460 Rupees saved.Ringing Bells will sell through online only.

Ringing Bells Freedom 251 smart phone Pricing Secret

  • Normal price will be around 2500 with similar specs.
  • 13.8 % duty protection that will be around Rupees 470 by Make in India scheme
  • Pre Booking orders and mass production will cut another 530 Rupees.
  • Zero advertisements and marketing campaign costs will save around 460 Rupees
  • Still the price will come around 800 – 900 Rupees that can be managed as follows.
  • Ringing Bell will follow a market place model that will bring down cost to Rupees 251.
  • Shipping charges will be  extra 40 Rupees.This will cover packaging charges also.
  • Warranty will be 1 year across 650+ service centers.
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Why you are Unable to Buy  freedom 251 mobile / Payment Error

At present the online booking service is down temporarily.They given an explanation for interruption as Over loading of requests.6 Lacs hits per second as a result of your kind overwhelming response, servers are over loaded.Therefore taking a pause and upgrading the service and will revert within or before 24 hours.So you could better later.

Now what you think about India’s 251 Rupees 3G smart phone. Is Ringing Bells ‘Freedom 251 is a scam or genuine.Share your views.



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