Free SSL certificate for your Blog – SSL for Free Set Up

how to get a free SSL certificate for my website? Here is the working trick for free SSL certificate generator.This free SSL certificates ads security layer to your personal or professional website. Google recommends all webmasters should upgrade to SSL by 2017 itself. I hope you know the significance of SSL certificates in online data exchange. Many advantages along with some disadvantages make adding a security certificate to your website a buzz. Let’s discuss how you could get a genuine and trusted SSL certificate for free.For your information, this website is secured using a FREE security certificate provided by ssl certificate for your website or wordpress blog

How to get FREE SSL certificate for my Blog or website?

Free SSL certificate is worth when it was a trusted one also.Here comes LetsEncrypt which is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority trusted worldwide.But we are discussing how to add free SSL certificate to your blog without much technical knowledge. Our aim is to help beginners or newbies who want to set up a zero cost security certificate to their blog without third party help.

How to add SSL certificate without a piece of code.

Simply follow the steps and save some money that you want to pay for SSL certificate per month or annually.

  1. Go to SSL for free at
  2. Sign up for an account. Account registration is not necessary but we recommend to register using any email id and password this will help for future upgrading SSL certificate since the certificate is valid for 90 days only. Also, they will send automatic reminders before expiring your SSL certificate.
  3. Now click “create free SSL certificate” tab by entering your blog name. You could see the https:// in green color and there you should enter the website to be secured.
  4. Now follow the steps and verify your domain.( This step ensures you own that domain name and you have the login credentials for hosting)
  5. Just copy the certificate details and enter the same in your hosting account.

This free trusted SSL certificate is valid for 90 days only but Renewable

This free trusted SSL certificate is working fine with self-hosted WordPress websites as well as any modern websites. You could also check the validity of this just installed certificate using some online tools.Note that this SSL certificate is totally free but valid for 90 days only. That means you need to renew on each 90 days. You could use this free SSL certificate for any number of blogs or websites. For this purpose just enter the URL at ” SSL for FREE website ” and create certificates for each website by verifying that you own those websites.


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