Find Live Train Running information like Arrival Departure Delay & current Station

Dont you remember the Touch screen panels at Railway station that used to find Live Train Running information like Arrival Departure Delay & current Station.The same information can be viewed on your laptop ,Android tablet and any mobile phones .You dont require a smartphone or Android Operating system to get these features.Minimum requirement is a Java enabled mobilephone with a GPRS connectivity.Also you dont require a 3G or wifi connectivity to trace and track any Trains under Indian Railway.

Indian Railway provides these services at free of cost via their website .All you need to do is, enter this address on your web or mobile phone browser such as Operamini or UCweb .At present the services available at this website are

  • Spot your Train
  • Train Arrivals Time
  • Train Departure Time
  • Train Time Table
  • Ticket Fares
  • Reservation Status
  • Special Trains
  • Passing by trains

You could easily find your Train by entering Train number or Train name.You could also get a list of Train numbers from this website.

How to find the Live position of your Train:

Just enter your Train number in the required field to find out how much minutes delay was the train.You could also find the train between two stations by entering a station name or station code.By selecting a train from that list you could track your train each and every minutes.The website was updated on every minutes without much dalay in actual time.

"Track your train Railway"

How to Track your Train from Mobile Phone:

  1. Open built in web browser or installed web applications such as Operamini or UC web browser.
  2. Select operamini or UC web to mobile view
  3. Enter on address bar and click
  4. The webpage will be loaded and select Train arrivals from the menu
  5. Enter the station name or station code
  6. Enter the Time period ,eg: next 1 hour
  7. Then you could view the complete list of trains within that time through that station
  8. Also view current station name,Expected time of arrival,Delay ..etc

To access this website from mobile phone you don’t require Flash player support or any software download.Instead you are needed to reload the webpage to get updated data frequently.


  1. Now Indian Railway updated their trainenquiry website .To get live train arrival or departure time On mobile phone you should access the website via your mobile phones built in web. browser.Dont try with operamini.


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