Feedly app updated sharing enhancements and topic list

Feedly update apps iOS/Android Feedly’s leader RSS apply multimedia device rated Google Reader exit notice, had declared the seamless migration of existing users and service continuity by API-compatible server.New users increased from developer playfish, Google Reader exit notice in two weeks is more than 3 million. This update mainly reflected the feedback from the migration of destination inspection set a headline only efficient feed digestion-friendly features such as the list view and sharing options for expansion and new search feed & contains the recommended improvements.

“Enhanced Productive Reading” series features include:

Must Reads section added

Individually you can feed I don’t wanna miss one the Must Reads. Articles Must Reads all appear Today. Read together in Must Reads section or specify the initial start up screen.

List view additional headings only

Put it down on the feed selection panel that appears with a swipe from screen left right and add updates

In the shared systems:

Google +-compatible

One-tap shared item display screen on the main toolbar, adding a shortcut icon. Select the shared services such as Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, email normally use other Google + Or can be opened in Safari / Chrome and saved Instapaper from the share menu, choose the link action, such as copying.

Traditional Feedly was flipping through and remain interested in the ‘ variable size reflecting the popularity and popular approach based on shared views, such as magazine style layout style front app, this update is “effectively review / classification / GI” enhanced user features for the style.

Also finding new strength for the Feedly & detection engine has been enhanced. Automatically identifies the topics dealing with each feed or suggest bets from other users registered feed trends and fast search from more than 50 million feeds, in addition, browsing by topic.

Feedly is available as an extension from the PC version of Safari, Chrome and Firefox browser besides iOS/Android.



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