Easy trasfer files from iPhone & iPad using Apotop DW09 Wi-Fi Reader

How to transfer your Favorite photos captured in an iPhone to another smartphone.Want to play your self recorded crystal clear video from an iPhone to another gadget.A new product has debuted from Apotop that’s specifically designed to assist iPhone and iPad users get data to and from their devices with ease. The cool device is termed the DW09 and it’s a palm-sized very little device represented as a Wi-Reader. It’s designed to modify wireless sharing and transferring of video, pictures, &d alternative information between an iPad or iPhone and microSD memory card for flash drives.

Another cool feature of the DW09 is that it supports up to 3 iOS devices at a similar time permitting the synchronous sharing and streaming of high-definition movies and alternative content. The device conjointly permits the streaming of films and alternative videos in file formats that current iOS devices don’t support. The DW09 supports flash drives and self high-powered external hard disk drives (HDD) up to three TB capability.

It works with memory cards as well as SD, SDHC, and SDXC up to 128 GB in capability by exploiting FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT formats. The device works in conjunction with a Wi-Reader app on the Apple device. The device is additionally designed to figure as a travel size Wi-Fi hotspot.


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