Download UC Browser Updated for Android,iOS and Java from UC Web

Here is the link to Download Updated UC Browser for Android ,iOS and Java from UC Web. UC browser is still a powerful application for Mobile phone as well as Tablet users.Uc Browser is also popular among Android smartphone users as well as basic java multimedia mobile phone users.Now UC web updated their browser hence now  it additionally offers custom-made themes and wallpapers via the UC Theme Center. The browser additionally supports concealed browsing, permitting users to surf the online while not feat traces within the kind of cache, cookies and searches, additionally to supporting ad block in websites. The browser comes with an improved tool for taking screenshots of webpages and for editing and expanding them.

The Java version of the browser (version 9.0) currently sports an improved UI (user interface) that’s optimized for capacitive multi touch screen devices and additionally offers night mode mode (white text on black). The browser conjointly supports UDisk, UCWeb’s free on-line storage service for UCWeb users that gives them 2GB of permanent storage on-line and 4GB of temporary space for seven days.The browser will employ UDisk to transfer multimedia files within the background for quicker playback. It additionally permits users to save lots of type info like user account credentials.

Now UC Web browser also allows users to cache online streaming videos for future offline viewing as well as whenever a network is unavailable.

UC web claims that its new iPad browser (version 2.0) has received several underneath the hood changes. It says that the browser’s U3 engine has been given a performance boost and graphics process has been exaggerated by three hundredth with up to thirty frames per second on the iPad four. The browser currently supports WebGL and might render even those graphics serious pages which may not be handled by Apple’s expedition browser. The iPad version of UC web additionally uses advanced hardware rendering to enhance speed.

To Download UC Browser Updated Version Click Here


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