Download Flappy Wings Free Flappy Bird similar game for Android

Flappy Bird was one of the most addictive game for iOS and Android smartphones.Since you can’t download Flappy Bird game for iPhone and Android as the developer removed this game form Google play store and iTunes.Many alternative games similar to Flappy bird has been popular in mean time and Flappy Wings is one among them.Here you could download Flappy Wings Free for Android mobile phones instantly from Amazon app store and Google Play store.

Download one of the most searched Free game on Google Play store and amazon App store.Flappy Wings (Not Flappy Bird) being popular by its simple but difficult game strategy.Flappy Bird was the original and first released game which removed from play store after some months.Then many similar games came into attention for Android game lovers.Try to win high score and do not search for game cheats and tricks.

Flappy Wings (Not Flappy Bird ) Game features.

-Simple and easy Controls
-Multiple Backgrounds
-Better Pixel Art
-Improves Flappy Bird formula
-Bird design an homage to Tiny Wings

Game requirements : Android 2.2 OS
Download Size : 11.1 MB

Download Flappy Wings free game (Not Flappy Bird) for Android smartphones and tablets.

Flappy bird game cheats tricks to high score level hints tips how to win


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