Download BBM for PC : How to use BBM (Blackberry Messenger) on Laptop

BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which is growing as one of the popular IM (instant messenger) social platform since the introduction of multi platforms like iOS android ..etc.Now you could download BBM into your Android smartphone and obtain a unique BBM pin.What about Windows ,Mac or Linux users.Now BBM could be download to your Laptop or PC with some trick. BBM is a free application that you could download into smartphones such as Android ,iPhone ..etc

To Download BBM for PC you require the following two,

  1. BBM apk
  2. Android sdk

How to Download and install BBM on PC

Follow the Set Up to Download & Use BBM to PC

  1. Open SDK Manager.exe file from the adt-bundle folder which already extracted.
  2. Click to select  Manange AVDs from Tools and create a new Android virtual device with RAM greater than 512 MB.
  3. Now just Copy the  BBM.apk file to path as follows  /sdk/platform-tools/BBM.apk
  4. Use file explorer to move to the folder /sdk/platform-tools/
  5. Now select File->Open Command Prompt within the platform-tools folder(If you are Using windows 8 PC )


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              If you are Using Windows 7 PC or Laptop ; Press and hold the Shift key and right click on the platform-tools folder  and click on Open Command Window Here option.

  6. Now enter the command  ” adb install BBM.apk  ” in the command prompt.
  7. Almost Done ..!! Now wait for some time. BBM will be installed in your Virtual Device . Open the BBM app from the App launcher.

Now you are installed BBM for PC successfully .

If you found any Error – Check the installation steps once more.Copy the files into specific path and folders carefully.

Watch the video about How to Download and install BBM on your PC

We hope you enjoyed the tutorial of How to download BBM for PC and Laptops.Share your comments and Questions below about BBM (blackberry Messenger ) app for PC.If you face any difficult on direct download link for BBM apk for PC and installing BBM on Windows comment below.


  1. I downloaded both files(bbm.apk and android sdk)and followed the installation instructions but couldn’t get the installations. can you please give me more clue about the installation.thank you

  2. Thanks for finally talking about > Download BBM for PC :How to use
    BBM (Blackberry Messenger) on Laptop < Loved it!


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