Create Custom Maps with Google Maps Engine Lite

Today Google announced the Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta), a simplified version of the Maps Engine. And make a custom map is easy to anyone by this means. Have made custom map does not limit the company, also an avid fan of maps with advanced features, stable and widely would be able to share in Google.

Maps Engine Lite is a small spreadsheet file upload, can display the information on a map. You can compare the added 3 sets of customizations for the same map. But Lite is limited to non-commercial purposes.

It’s possible to set multiple layers of these custom maps. Also the spreadsheet file, draw the line by hand, fill area, so to set point markers or can. Google provides the 9 different types of base map. Satellite imagery, administrative boundaries map, political map, high-speed road map contained in it. 150 Different map icon is available in Maps Engine Lite.Google released tutorial for beginners, step by step, showing the process of creating a custom map.For the time being Maps Engine Lite is treated as a beta version and language would be English-only support.


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