how to compress image size in android – Reduce picture file size

This tutorial will help you to resize or compress high quality images to small file size without losing quality. We all know that there are many online website which compresses a high quality image of big size.You could download that file into your laptop or smartphone.Before going to details lets differentiate what is resizing and compressing. Another important term is the aspect ratio of an image.We recommend Adobe Photoshop or Light-room for a professional like or quality photographic editing.

How Resize or compress photo without losing quality works

Generally an image is specified by its length X width and file size in kilobytes (KB) or Megabytes (MB).Aspect ratio of an image means its proportionality of length to width.Keeping ratio while resize or compressing is important, otherwise it will lead to scaling of an image. A compressed image means photo of small file size.Simply reducing the image size of 5MB to 500kb give a compressed image but what about the quality.Of course it will be very much lower than original image.What we are discussing is how to compress image size in android mobile phone.Compress or reduce picture file size without losing quality is possible.The quality difference may not be identifiable by human eye.

how to compress image size in android smartphone

To simply change the image size or compress photographs you need not learn the technical terms above.Go to play store and find best app to compress image size or resize a jpeg or png file.How to select best app from the list. Don’t worry we have made a list of apps that helps to beautifully compress image or reduce photo size in android.

Best android apps to compress image or reduce photo size

best photo resizing app for android

1. Photo & Picture Re-sizer

Farluner apps owned Photo & Picture Re-sizer  is an easy to use image resizer which helps you compress or reduce the picture size. Hence you could easily reduce the resolution of an image and compressed image can be used to email or text message as well as on Facebook or Instagram.

best image compressing app for android smartphone

2. Photo Compress 2.0

Photo compress 2 is an ad free Android app developed by Saawan apps. This is symbol photo compressing Android app with the confusing interface. The advantage is that you could compress large photos directly to smaller size images without losing much quality. Even though the quality of the output not comparable with desktop software, you could quickly compress camera photos to reduce size. Other features includes resize image comma crop image, save the image without any watermark.

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