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Eveready led bulb warranty replacement Procedure | Eveready led bulb warranty period | Eveready led warranty claim Online | LED bulb service centers in India

claim Eveready LED bulb warranty online
Steps to claim Eveready LED bulb warranty online

How to claim Eveready LED bulb warranty replacement? the answer to this question is simple, just go to the retailer were you bought Eveready LED bulb or tubes.He will check the date written on bulb (usually by the salesperson when you bought it) and do the needful.But how you will claim Eveready LED bulb warranty when you bought it online.The Eveready LED bulb comes with a 2-year warranty from bill date.In most cases, the warranty will be a replacement rather than repair. Because repair cost may be higher than replacement.Did you ever purchased LED bulbs or Tubes online especially from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or Pepperfry.Comparing the online offer price of LED bulbs and Tubes with retailer shops in your town will be around Rs 50 to 70 of difference. But this discounted price may be a loss unless you learn how to claim Eveready LED bulb warranty.

Eveready led bulb warranty period for Online Purchases

Wheather online or offline Eveready promises 24 months of warranty for all LED bulbs and LED tubes. Note that this is one of that manufacturing company who offers 100 lumens per Watt.Based on personal as well as many users feedback, Eveready LED lighting has above average to Good quality.But like any other electronic product here also product failure arises. So they are offering a 2-year warranty on LED bulbs as well as LED tube lights. You need to contact retailer on Eveready led warranty period in case of an issue.

eveready led bulb warranty replacement Procedure

If you bought the LED bulb from a retail shop, they will write the purchase date on it. So when the LED bulb fails you could check the purchase date and claim warranty. Note that Eveready led bulb warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase.Most of the case they will replace given LED bulb with a new one after inspection.Later this damaged bulb will be reimbursed by the retailer with a sub or main dealer.You may not need a bill because most retail shops will never give a bill for purchases. However, we recommend demanding your purchase bill for any electronics item.If you had a valid GST bill they cant deny any warranty claim.

How to claim Eveready LED bulb warranty replacement

Here the tips for customers who purchased Eveready LED bulbs online and want to claim the warranty. First thing is that you can’t claim the warranty from your online shopping websites like Amazon or Flipkart. Only Eveready Customer service can help you in case if you have any doubts. The best trick to claim Eveready LED bulb warranty is that go to nearest dealer or sub stockist with Bill and LED bulb. They will accept the damaged LED bulb if it was under warranty.After inspection, they will tell you whether it requires repair or replacement.But if such facility is not available in your city, it may not wise to spend more money to travel and claim warranty.Since Eveready LED bulbs available form Rupees 80 for 7w at various online shopping websites.

Eveready led bulb warranty replacement Procedure – For Online Purchases

  1. Take the LED bulb or tube with the original package (if available) with Bill.
  2. Handover the Bulb with the dealer.
  3. He will inspect and tell you whether it requires repair or replacement.

We strongly recommend that you should contact the dealer over the phone regarding warranty claim before meeting at person.Don’t forget to mention that it was purchased online and has a bill.

Eveready led bulb Customer Care – Contact Online

Locate all official sales offices of Eveready Industries India from here Click. Alternatively, you could search on Google for your nearest sales office’s contact details.eveready led bulb service center available in Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Indore, Lucknow, Patna, Chuapara, Guwahati, Kolkata, Cuttack, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Cochin. Eveready led bulb warranty claim is difficult if you are staying in any remote area.

Claim Eveready LED bulb warranty online

Eveready led bulb Customer Care contact online
Fill this form to contact Eveready led bulb Customer Care online

Kindly visit the official web page of Eveready India from here and check whether your product is listed. Now you could contact them by filling an online form from here. Also, you could contact them at the phone number (033 2288 3950). Here the Toll-free number of LED bulb warranty related issues. Consumer Care Toll-Free No. : 1800-102-4041.

Eveready led bulb warranty claim Tricks [Working]

Suppose your warranty issues unresolved on time or faced any bad situation from a service center, here the trick for you.Post your complaint on Eveready India official facebook page.Here the link to the official Facebook page for Eveready India. You could post your feedback or complaints here unless resolved on time.They will quickly respond since it will be displayed on their public profile.


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