The Cheapest Tablet Ubislate 7+ Price Rs 2999 in India.

Ubislate 7+ the cheapest tablet available in the word comes under a price tag of Rs 3000.Ubislate is the Tablet brand owned by Datawind, the leading wireless web acess service products provider.The tablet series comes with two models ,Ubislate 7+ and Ubislate 7C. Both the devices are fully packed for internet and multimedia access.Beside the performance factors both the tablets wins affordability.Yes they are truly cheaper comparing with what they could offer.

 Features of  Ubislate 7c and 7+

  • Android 2.3 Operating system.
  • internal memory 2GB for 7+ model and 4GB for 7C
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 800 MHZ  CortexA8 Processor
  • 7″ Display with 800×480 resolution.
  • Resistive touch screen for Ubislate 7+ and Capacitive screen for Ubislate 7C.
  • WiFi a/b/g.
  • USB 2,0 connecticity.
  • GPRS modem

Ubislate  7+ price in India Rs 2999.

Ubislate  7C price in India Rs 3999.


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