Buy Jio MediaCable | Price and How to connect with TV

buy jio media cable online priceJio Media Cable is a data cable that helps to connect Jio phone with a LED TV or normal TV.To watch Jio TV or Jio Cinema on a large screen you need to buy Jio MediaCable along with a Jio Phone. We all know that Jio phone booking starts today (August 24th, 2017). Jio MediaCable was previously called as Jio Phone TV cable. Let’s check how to connect Jio phone with any Television or PC monitor.The price of Jio Phone was Rupees 1500, that too as a refundable deposit.Now, what will be the price of Jio MediaCable? where could you buy Jio MediaCable online?

How to Buy Jio MediaCable | Online Price?

The booking for Jio Phone started on Jio official website.Now you could pre-book the phone with an initial deposit of Rupees 500 and remaining 1000 rupees while its delivery.Some Jio retailers are also started to collect advance for Jio Phone. Unfortunately no information regarding Jio MediaCable at retailers as well as the Official website at present.The price of Jio MediaCable would be around Rupees 299 to 499.

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How to watch Live TV using Jio MediaCable using Jio Phone?

To stream live content to your TV or PC monitor using Jio MediaCable you should subscribe Plan 309 or higher.Jio offers Rs 153 base plan for Jio phone who like to use this phone for basic calls only. Jio officially showcased Jio MediaCable at their official website.So we hope soon they will add Jio MediaCable Price and availability to buy online.

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