Better Facebook experience on a Tablet

Are you a Facebook addict and spending more than 2 hours on your Mobile phone to access FB. Then its the time to move on to a Low cost Tablet like Ubislate 7c.You could expect a more PC like experience with some applications.Here is the Two essential and ultimate applications that makes your Tablet featued for Facebook and other Social Networks.


You could Download OperaMini latest version for Android at free of cost. Install at Device memory for better experience.With Operamini you could open Facebook in full view,that is which appears similiar on a Laptop or PC.For a faster and optimised experience you could use instead of .

  • Upload photos to your Facebook profile
  • Download any image that appears on Facebook
  • View or Download any shared Youtube Videos
  • Add your Location detail while you update status
  • Read any Indian Language
  • Create Albums , Groups ,Pages and Tagg your friends.

UCweb Browser

Its also a Free application available to Download for Android Tablets.Install this powerful app to your Tablet and browse Facebook in www mode.Open pages in full view.One of the advantage of this browser is a Night mode feature.,with this you could browse webpages without much Eye strain.Since Facebook uses white background pages ,viewing at night is much easier with UCweb browser.Also multi touch gesture control and easy landscape to portrait mode altogether makes UCweb Browser a better option for Facebook.


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