Best Free Weather App for Android and Windows 10 | 2018

best free weather app for android and windows 10Best weather app for Android smartphones in 2018 ? There are many weather apps at Google Playstore but selecting one from top list is not difficult.Before jumping to handover best free weather app award, Lets discuss some considerations.Which factors you need from a weather app or simply weather forecasting widget ? Rain forecasting , or maximum outside temperature? or simply will it be a sunny day or cloudy. Some one could ask even UV index or wind direction.

Best Free Weather App for Android

Here the top positions on Google Playstore on weather category.

  1. Accuweather : Weather forecast and current Updates for Android
  2. Weather : smart-pro android apps
  3. Yahoo weather
  4. Live weather & Local air Quality Index India
  5. Weather & Radar India – Temperature Forecast

Windy is an alternative option for wind , waves and hurricane forecast. In India Windy app for android can be used for predicting Rain fall and wind at least for a week.However like any other weather app, the weather forecast accuracy depends upon the time frame. That means if you want to know next hour climate or next day rain it will be more accurate than next week’s weather forecast.

Best Free weather app for Windows 10

To get live weather updates for your windows 10 desktop, simply use Accuweather from here . But you could check weather on real time map at .


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