Best Cost Effective Online Backup Services – Mozy,Live Drive & Carbonite

Searching for an Online Data back up services ,Here are some best Cost Effective Online Backup Services.You could secure your favorite personal files including images,videos and data as well as secure official data at Online Backup services like Mozy,Live Drive and Carbonite.Online backup services are of two types -Paid and Free data back up services.Always go for Paid data backup services that costs you less and the one with a trusted name.Free Online backup services may offer promotional or very little data storage space that you could access in a limited bandwidth.

Best Cost Effective Online Backup Services

  • Mozy

Mozy is one of the popular and most reliable and also cost effective online backup service providers in the internet world.Mozi allows you to store 125GB of data (Photos,audio,video or any data files) at the cost of $7.99 only!

  • Carbonite

Carbonite offers 50 GB of storage space at $ 4.91 dollars.Carbonite could perform Idle backups.Carbonite Online Backup or storage services could access from mobile as well as PC and this data backup service provider is efficient since 2005.

  • Live Drive

Another best Online Backup service provider is Live Drive which offers added security features for your personal data stored at their servers.You could access Live Drive by clicking here .Live Drive offers Unlimited storage space for $ 7.95.


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