Best 5.1 Home theater Speakers below 4000 Rupees Online

Searching for best 5.1 home theater systems online with remote.Here is the latest list of best and top 5.1 speakers to buy below rupees 4000.Sub woofer size determines the bass quality and satellite speakers implies sound effects.Popular electronics brands includes F&D , Creative, Logitech, Zebronics, intex, Philips, Sony ..etc.Under a price range of rupees 4000 major brands like sony, JBL,Pioneer..etc are not available.

What is 5.1 speakers , simply 5.1 stands for 5 speakers and 1 sub woofer.Similarly 4.1 stands for 4 satellite speakers and 1 sub woofer unit.2.1 speakers are very common and less in price usually suitable for small rooms and table top entertainment.Sub woofer box encloses all the electronic circuits and control knobs.

Best 5.1 Home theater Speakers below 4000 Rupees

Top 5.1 speakers with remote under rupees 4000 are from brands like  F&D , Creative, Logitech, Zebronics, intex, Philips, Sony.. etc. In this budget category the the sound quality and bass effect plays a choice rather than brand value.Below are the best 5.1 home theater speakers online and available on retailer shops also.


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Creative SBS Computer Multimedia Speaker A550 – Rupees 3999

Creative SBS 5.1 speaker system designed for multimedia entertainment on your laptop as well as TV.Price of this 5.1 speaker system is 4999 Indian Rupees. This is the lowest price to buy online.Disadvantages of this sound system is that doesnt have a wireless remote.Package includes 5 Satellite Speakers (Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left, Rear Right and Center satellites), 1 Subwoofer, 3.5mm 5.1 analog jack, 1 Warranty and Technical Support Booklet, 1 Quick start guide.Installation is very simple.

INTEX IT-500B 5.1 Speaker – Price Rupees 3299

Intex 5.1 speaker system features includes above average base sound and quality for the price.For an easy accessibility and smooth operation, it comes with a fully functioning automatic remote control.Intex 5.1 speaker facilitates for accessing music by inserting an SD card or a USB pen drive.

Zebronics SW6590 RUCF ZEB 5.1 Speaker System – Price 3600

Zebronics 5.1 speakers has variety of models with good sound quality for the price you are paying.These speakers are best suited for small rooms around 10 x 10 feet. Zebronics SW6590 5.1 system features FM radio,LED display, USB and SD/MMC card reader.Fully functional remote control makes easy operation.Available to buy online for a price of 3600.

F&D F700UF 5.1 multimedia speakers – Price 4100

F & D is a good brand in entertainment industry having wide range of 2.1 and 5.1 speakers.F&D F700UF 5.1 is price a little higher than 4000 but the product worths it.Fenda F-700U has USB/ SD card support with remote control. FM antenna also included.

F&D F3000U 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System – Price 4690

Even though we are discussing 5.1 speaker systems under 4000 rupees i cant mention this model.Fenda F-3000U 5.1 system performs awesome under 5000 rupees price category beating philips and intex brands.So lets check the features and consider adding some extra amount to try Fenda F-3000U speakers.USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding,Fluorescence full function remote control.The Heavy duty metal grill with red ring decoration give good looks.But FM tuner is not available.

Philips 5.1 Home theater speakers Under 4000 Rupees

 Philips has some good looking models under this price category but failed to impress customers.But Built quality is awesome for philips products.If you are just expecting a booming bass sound quality try other brands discussed above or higher priced products.

  • Philips DSP 2800 5.1 system
  • Philips Heartbeat SPA3000U speakers

  • Philips SPA3500F Fusion Home Theater System

These speakers have just average user reviews regarding sound quality and bass effect. So i recommend to consider the disadvantages and check at any retailer shops before purchase.

Ultimate Buying Tip : When you are going for bass effect alone the audio quality lowers.Consider subwoofer size of 6 inches diameter and above.Check the audio quality in full volume at any retailer shops before purchasing online.Most of the above models are suitable for indoor use of small to average rooms.


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