Best 3G Data cards below 2000 Rupees


Here is the List of Best and Top USB Data card that supports any 3G or 2G SIM cards to connect your Laptops or Tablets to access high speed internet.Under a price tag of Rs 2000 many USB Data cards are available like Huawei,D-Link, Micromax, Lava, Beetel, iBall, intex and Alcatel.

Different models of USB Data cards can be categorized as Data cards that has a microSD memory card slot,Built in Wi-Fi receiver and normal 2G/EDGE/3G-HSDPA,HSUPA data cards.For a Price tag of Rs 2000 you could consider a USB data card that supports any SIM card and has 2G/EDGE/3G/WCDMA device with a Downlink speed of  7.2 Mbps.You could also use it as a Flash Drive storage just like a Pen drive by inserting a microSD memory card in its slot provided for that.

Here is the Price and different models of USB Data cards under 2000 Rupees

  1. Huawei E303C Data Card ———————————– Price Rs.1740
  2. Huawei E303Cs-1 (Hilink Device) Data Card ———– Price Rs.1900
  3. Micromax 300C Data Card  ——————————–  Price Rs.2000
  4. D-Link DWM-156 HSUPA 3.75G Data Card ———– Price Rs.1750
  5. Micromax MMX 353G Data Card ————————– Price Rs.1770
  6. iBall 3.5G Wireless Modem Data Card —————— Price Rs.1600
  7. Intex 3G V7.2 Data Card  ———————————– Price Rs.1700
  8. Beetel 3G data card Data Card ————————— Price Rs.1700
  9. Alcatel X230 Data Card  ———————————— Price Rs.1660
  10. Lava 730 G Data Card  ————————————– Price Rs.1500


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