BBM for Android : Now Voice chat and create own Channels

Popular Blackberry Messenger or BBM is the best way to connect and share instant messages (IM), pictures and more for free, in real time. Now BBM for Android smartphones offers voice chat and channels.BBM Channel is a forum for active and real conversations happening right now between people, brands & different communities.

Blackberry messenger or simply BBM news features are available for Android , yes you could make voice chat now.BBM voice calling feature allows you to call other BBM users right within the app itself over data services or WiFi, as Viber or Skype.

How to Create your Own channel in BBM.

How to Subscribe a Channel in BBM.

How to switch BBM chat into BBM Video conversations.

Visit hereĀ Blackberry official page to get Live Demo of the above Queries related to BBM.




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