b2 digital banking account from ICICI bank with Zero Balance

How often you visit your Bank.When was the last time you visited your bank’s branch? Nowadays peoples are using ATM and online transactions than visiting nearest branch.Here introduces new generation banking from ICICI. B2 digital banking from icici offers savings bank account with zero balance features.b2 is just a savings bank where everything is online.To increase serviceability icici has been trimmed certain features of conventional savings account and added some features that makes b2 as a digital banking.

 b2 digital banking account from ICICI bank offers Zero minimum balance ,Zero charges and Virtual prepaid card.Yes you could apply for a savings bank online that offers  higher earnings with quantum optima.

Features of b2 savings account from ICICI bank

  • No minimum balances
  • Virtual Prepaid Card
  • No cheque book
  • No ATM or Debit card
  • Limited branch access only
  • intelligent tracking of transactions
  • An e wallet which gives you the comfort of using a debit card online

How to Apply for b2 savings account Online ?

You could apply for b2 digital banking account from ICICI bank here Apply Now

Note that this is not a review of b2 digital banking and this article was not sponsored by ICICI bank.You should ensure further terms and conditions of b2 savings account before applying.Kindly refer icici bank official website for more details.


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