Android Google Translator available with Offline Mode

One big downside was when Google Translator traveling abroad very useful tool but unfortunately, When traveling abroad, not enough Internet connection often. Of course the translation tool is out and countless other, latest Google translate Android version (v2.3 +) the features can download the offline language package for 50 languages are added would be good news for users of Android phones with Google translate.Yes now Android Google Translator available with Offline Mode.

User open language offline from the App menu tap the source language and target language from the languages that are supported, download. It’s much better but still cannot be used offline, than say Google is an offline version and simplified compared to the online version of some.Google is offering translation app for iOS, whether offline mode supported now not clear.

Highlights of this update’s offline capabilities, but this version also is supported by Japan, Chinese, Korea, vertical camera-based character recognition. Last year Google began support for camera-based character recognition and got that recognition of Japan, Chinese, Korea last December.


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