Amazon KitKat Offer 2017- FREE Amazon Voucher worth Rupees 25 on each Pack

Amazon KitKat offer | free Amazon voucher worth rupees 25 on each pack | Amazon 100% cash back coupon code | Nestle KitKat coupon code for Amazon Indiaamazon kitkat offer free gift voucher

Amazon KitKat offer is again active for 2017 September. Nestle KitKat is a popular chocolate among kids and youngsters and here is one more reason to buy KitKat chocolate. The Exclusive Amazon KitKat offers available in India at every retailer as well as online shopping websites. But we cannot guarantee that the Purchase Re Kit Kat packet contains Amazon KitKat offer. This may be due to their inventory how old stock. Let us check out what is the loot Amazon KitKat offer. How to redeem rupees 25 cash by purchasing Nestle KitKat chocolate.

Amazon KitKat offer details- free Amazon voucher

This offer is simply a purchase and redeems a gift voucher promotion.That means you should buy Nestle KitKat chocolate worth rupees 10 or above and redeem the gift voucher code contained in it. You need an Amazon account to redeem the gift voucher code. Registering an account at is a simple task. Maybe you already have an account at so redeeming gift voucher will not be difficult.

Which pack of Nestle KitKat has Amazon free gift voucher offer

Nestle KitKat chocolate price starts from rupees 10 an Amazon offers free gift voucher coupon code on the packs. That means if you bought rupees 10 Kit Kat chocolate you will get hundred percent cash back in the form of rupees 10 gift voucher code. Similarly, if you purchase the rupees 25 Nestle KitKat chocolate you will get 100 percentage cash back as rupees 25.

Amazon offers hundred percentage cash back – Amazon KitKat offer 2017

Actually, Amazon offers 100 percentage cash back on Amazon KitKat gift voucher offer. But with some terms and conditions. You will get hundred percent cash back for rupees 25 pack. The Amazon gift voucher code can be found under the KitKat wrapper. You can’t exchange this rapper for money at the retailer shop or demand one more KitKat chocolate equivalent to the gift voucher code. The Redemption of this Amazon gift voucher code available at only. The detailed steps to avail Amazon KitKat offer in explained below

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How to redeem Amazon KitKat offer free gift voucher code

  1. Buy a Nestle KitKat chocolate from any nearest retailer worth rupees 10 or 25
    We recommend checking the outer wrapper where the offer details are printed. If not you will not get any gift voucher code and cash back. This will be an existing stock of Nestle KitKat chocolate.
  2. Open to KitKat chocolate where you could see a scratch card Under The wrapper
    The code is hidden using silver foil, uncover it just scratched to reveal the Amazon gift voucher code.
  3. Now go to and sign in with your existing account
    If you do not have an Amazon account just create one using your email id or mobile number.
  4. Select my account and gift voucher section
  5. Enter the 17 digit code to redeem the gift voucher value

Now you are successfully credited with the required amount as Amazon pay balance
Amazon pay balance can be used to purchase any item from or recharge any mobile number
Please note that you can add up to 3 gift voucher codes for account

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Amazon KitKat Unlimited Cashback Trick

Here is the trick to redeem unlimited Nestle KitKat coupon codes at We already told that Amazon allows maximum 3 coupon codes per account. That means 3 X rupees 10 voucher codes or 3 X rupees 25 voucher codes or a mix of rupees 10 or 25 Voucher codes only. The trick to redeem more gift voucher coupon codes obtained from Nestle KitKat chocolate is simple. Create new Amazon account to redeem every three KitKat coupon codes.If you have more than 3 Kit Kat voucher codes then create another Amazon account and redeem those gift vouchers.


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