Airtel SIM card Registration Failed solution to Activate [Working]

Airtel SIM card Registration Failed, Don’t worry if this message found on your mobile phone.We had the solution for Airtel SIM card registration failed reason.The conditions to activate airtel failed sim number depends two things. Whether the sim card was damaged or expired. Airtel sim expiration is rare case since the prepaid card offers maximum validity without extension vouchers.But the SIM may inactive due to zero activity or usage on that number.Solution for damaged SIM cards which shows registration failed error is easy to fix into working condition.Steps to airtel sim card registration failed solution

Airtel SIM card Registration Failed Reasons

Airtel prepaid numbers offers automatic validity extension to all prepaid SIM cards.But as per recent TRAI regulations a SIM can be removed from service if it was inactive for 9o days or more.An inactive customer means those who haven’t done any recharge , data usage or outgoing calls in these time period.So its mandatory to keep your SIM active.Also the airtel customer will be notified from time to time regarding termination of service warning.So if a SIM card registration failed due to prolonged inactivity we cannot activate it. Airtel sim card registration failed due to inactivity reason cant be solved.Note that that number will be given to new series of SIM cards and if somebody buy that he could use.

Airtel SIM card failed due to Damage or SIM slot error

You may notice SIM card registration failed error due to damaged SIM card.Sometimes the SIM slot may damaged by improper inserting and removing of sim cards (Micro/nano SIM cards may damage normal size card slot if carelessly inserted).The solution for this reason is very simple.A damaged Airtel SIM card can be re activated simply by visiting nearest Airtel customer care office.This can be done with any customer outlet of any network circle.Only thing you need is copy of valid documents prove your identity – address and a photo.

Steps to Activate Registration Failed Airtel SIM card

  1. Identify the reason for SIM registration failed
  2. Remove SIM card on insert on any other phone and check whether it works
  3. Still receiving the message ” SIM registration failed ” check it was damaged
  4. Damage may not be easily visible note that serial number on SIM card is visible
  5. Contact nearest Airtel customer care center and submit this SIM card , they will check the SIM active or not with the help of serial number
  6. If you cut a normal SIM to use as micro SIM , then carry remaining cut out portion of card to identify serial number.
  7. They will give you a fresh SIM card if you are eligible
  8. Submit copy of Identity card and 1 Photograph
  9.  A small amount like Rs 20 or 50 will be charged for fresh SIM card and re activation.
  10. You can also select micro SIM or Nano SIM with existing old number.
  11. Airtel 4G SIM can also be purchased in case with availability.

Airtel services will be reactivated within 10 minutes.All pre activated services like data packages, Call rate plans , Hello tunes remains same.Note that the messages and contacts saved on damaged airtel SIM card can’t be copied to new SIM.


  1. Hiii
    Sim card is showing registration failed so I try insert the sim another mobile so same massage come and save contact number list is showing what problem suggest me plz

  2. I am using airtel prepaid card but unfortunately I didn’t recharge my sim for 3 months I want to re activate same sim. But me working in qater…how to activate this sim without new card from store. can you help me out.


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