Airtel launched Free Call Me Back SMS Service for Prepaid

Now Airtel Prepaid customers need not worry about their low balance.Latest Call me back SMS service from Airtel allows their prepaid customers be connected with their loved ones.Here is the explanation about how Airtel Call me back service works.Note that this feature works only when your Prepaid account balance is below Rs 1 and could request a call back from another Airtel Prepaid or Post Paid customers anywhere in India.

I f your Balance is Less than Rs1 and you needed to talk with a person on another Airtel number (Local or STD),just send a message as “CALL <that persons number>” to 121.Now you could expect a call from that person since he receives an SMS from your number as “Please Call me back,Thank you”.All messages sent to 121 are toll free and you could use Airtel Call Me Back Service up to 3 times a day.

Note that the person who calls you back will be charged as per his tariff.You could request a Call back from any Prepaid or Postpaid Airtel numbers(Local,STD and Roaming).


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