Airtel 193 Data Add on gives 1GB data per Day with Unlimited Plans

Airtel 193 data add-on will give you additional 1GB data per day on top of existing data plan.This new prepaid recharge offer is applicable to all Airtel users but with some terms and conditions.First of all, Airtel 193 recharge is not a stand-alone 1GB data per day plan.This is just an add-on plan with an existing plan.Don’t get confused. Let’s see its details."airtel-3g-4g"

How does Airtel 193 Data Add-on Recharge work?

Airtel data add-on recharge works well with existing combo recharge plans.For example, if you recharged Rupees 399 unlimited plan which offers 1GB per day.This new Airtel 193 data add-on will give you extra 1GB per day along with the current plan.That is total 3GB per day.Hence net cost will be 399+193 for 70 days.The validity of Airtel 193 data add-on pack is same that of base recharge pack.


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