Aircel Balance Transfer Tricks :Prepaid Mobile Balance codes

All Indian telecom operators allows their prepaid customers to transfer balance amount to another prepaid account.How to transfer Aircel balance to another Aircel prepaid number with simple steps.Note that Aircel offers no responsibility for the amount transferred ,in case you entered a wrong number for balance transfer.So be careful while entering the amount in rupees and the number to which amount has been transferred from your prepaid account.

To transfer balance to another Aircel number from your prepaid Aircel number follow the steps.

Aircel Balance Transfer

Dial  *122*666#  from your Aircel mobile.

Enter the amount to be transferred ( from Rupees 5 to 100 )

Now enter the Aircel mobile number to which balance is to be transfer.

Note that you will be charged Rupees 2 for balance transferring and limited to a single Aircel number per day.Also you must be 3 month old Aircel customer to perform Balance transfer to another Aircel customer.


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