Access Free Wi-Fi internet on Trains-Indian Railway Rocks

Government of India begins its free Wi-Fi internet service with New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani train. Soon 50 other trains will get the service.One of the main highlights of this year’s Railway Budget was the free Wi-Fi internet service in the select trains for passangers. Almost a month after the announcement, the Indian government will today inaugurate the service on New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani train. About 50 other trains are likely to get the free Wi-Fi service later this year.Passengers could access their favorite websites including social network sites,Email services,Television live streaming services and news papers.

Wi-Fi connectivity features for train Passengers as follows. They will be given 4Mbps download bandwidth and 512 Kbps upload bandwidth. The speed may be slow as bandwidth will be shared by all the passengers on the train. According to Nirav Dave, Managing Director, Techno Sat Comm (India) Ltd, the company facilitating the technology, the network can prioritise traffic in case of high demand for bandwidth. Access internet on your Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone (No 3G support required) Tablets and Laptos or netbooks.Passengers will be provided internet access via two-way satellite hybrid with 2G or 3G and Wi-Fi. The system features on-board satellite tracking antenna, multiband antenna and Wi-Fi broadcasting equipment for on-board last mile connectivity.

The primary broadband link to back haul the internet traffic is established via satellite and in the event of non-availability of satellite the multi-access router automatically switches from satellite to 2G or 3G links to achieve 99 % connectivity. The satellite antenna is placed in one of the two power cars of the rake. This is linked through Wi-Fi radios provided outside of each coach. This is further distributed inside the coaches through indoor access point.

The technology also ensures authentic usage of the free Wi-Fi services using a detailed login system. To access the service, users will have to enter their mobile phone number, PNR number and IDs such as Aadhar card,NPR or voter ID cards. After entering the details, a unique password is sent via SMS on the mobile.You could save this information for future uses.Better you don’t share your login details to others to access free wi-fi internet on Trains.

The new Wi-Fi service is definitely a welcome move as it allows passengers, including young students, professionals and others, to stay connected to the web even when traveling. Moreover, it will reduce dependency on telecom operators for staying connected.A good move by Government of India for new generation.Lets enjoy.


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