KSEB Online Bill Payment – View & Pay your Electricity Bill Here.

Pay your Electricity Bill Online using KSEB Online Bill Payment system.You could also View your monthly Electricity Bills at www.kseb.in portal. KSEB Online Bill Payment system helps you to save your valuable time and avoid long ques at Electricity office.Now you don’t need to worry about Due Bills and Electricity Bill last date.Pay your Monthly Bills at www.kseb.in from anywhere in the world using online payment methods like Netbanking or internet Banking as well as Credit cards.

If you are facing any Problem with KSEB Online Bill Payment system you could call at  +91 9446008892, +91 471 2514648 or Email to : ltpaymentsupport@ksebnet.com

KSEB Online Bill Payment:

How KSEB Online Bill Payment works ?

How to Pay Electricity Bills using Online website ?

How to View your Electricity Bill Online ?

How to Download monthly Electricity Bill ?

Steps To Pay Electricity Bill Using KSEB Online Portal

  1. Go to www.kseb.in using Mozilla Firefox ,Opera or Google Chrome internet Browser.
  2. Select View your Bills if you want to just Download your Electricity Bill
  3. Click Pay Bills to pay your LT (Low Tension) Bills Online.
  4. You will be redirected to Oruma-Online – The LT Consumer Portal of KSEB
  5. Provide your Bills details                                                                                                                                                                                              Electrical Section       :
    Consumer Number    :
    Bill Number                :
  6. Enter your Email ID and Mobile Number.
  7. Now click Show Bill Details button
  8. View your pending Bills
  9. Select a Payment Option as Net Banking,Debit or Credit Cards
  10. Note that a small amount of service charge will be applied for Online payment services and you could view this in Rupees before Payment.

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  1. The column bill number can be known only when one receives the bill. If the bill is lost/misplaced possibility of knowing bill number is not there. Therefore the column “bill number” should be removed.

      • in that bill, 13 digit consumer no. and 13 digit bill no. missing, What a hell is this system!!!
        After all why they insist 13 digit Nos. since all data can be stored with supply code, section code, consumer no, bill no.
        After entering section code, consumer code, show last 12 bills in descending order and a provision to “click more” in a screen. and a provision to “click to pay” and check out with necessary details to pg, so simple

  2. The manual bill given at home is excess by 8 rupees when checked with online details. Why? Can I pay a lump sum amount? How?

  3. It is easier to stand in the queue and pay the bill than trying to enter kseb portal.

  4. Every time I go for payment, some problem is there, this time the consumer number has been changed to 13 digit one and so with the bill number, on giving the correct consumer number and bill number and section code the message ” consumer – section mismatch” -how to solve the problem?

  5. As commented by S.PADMANABHAN, I am also getting consumer section bill mismatch error now. Now both consumer number and bill number are changed to 13 digits. Kindly suggest.

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